Practice Areas

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Corporate services


We provide a comprehensive range of corporate services, in particular in the scope of:

  • establishing and liquidating companies
  • ongoing functioning of corporate bodies, including handling their meetings, drawing up minutes and resolutions
  • amending memorandums of association or articles of association, increases and decreases of share capital, redeeming stocks and shares
  • corporate mergers, demergers and transformations
  • corporate disputes
  • handling registration proceedings in the National Court Register

Commercial contracts


We draw up and review draft contracts and support clients in negotiations with customers, suppliers and business partners. We provide assistance in drawing up both standard contract forms and individual agreements tailored to the specific needs of our customers. Handling commercial contracts also entails securing their performance, including sureties, guarantees, transferring the title of ownership, pledges and mortgages.

Negotiations, mediation and disputes


We represent our clients in disputes, both at the pre-litigation stage as well as in court, both before common courts of law and arbitration courts. Handling disputes also includes mediation proceedings, advice on amicable dispute resolution and negotiations. We also provide assistance in enforcement proceedings

Employee affairs


We support our clients in the full range of employee affairs, in particular in:

  • drawing up and amending internal corporate documents concerning employment (workplace regulations, remuneration an bonus regulations, organisational rules and regulations etc.)
  • establishing and terminating the employment relationship, including individual dismissals and mass layoffs
  • legal aspects of recruitment processes (including personal data protection and protection against the risk of discrimination)
  • relations between the employer and trade unions
  • cases regarding the protection of privacy and other personal interests of the employee (GDPR, monitoring, employee image, unequal treatment, discrimination, harassment, mobbing)
  • transfer of an enterprise  or establishment to a new employer
  • non-compete clauses during the employment relationship and after its termination
  • employee’s liability towards the employer
  • defending employment disputes in the courts

Mergers and acquisitions


We advise on M&A transactions involving:

  • mergers of companies
  • transfers of stocks and shares in companies 
  • transfer of entire rights and obligations of a partner of a partnership
  • sale and lease of an enterprise

We also advise on determining transaction terms and conditions and choosing the optimal transaction model.

Intellectual property rights


As part of providing support to clients in the area of intellectual property rights, we provide services in the areas of:

  • protecting author’s economic and non-economic rights, including IT 
  • transactions of transferring IP rights
  • licence agreements
  • shaping copyright relations as part of the employment relationship
  • protecting personal interests, in particular in cases concerning breaches of those interests by media publications
  • proceedings before the Patent Office, in particular in patent cases, registrations of trademarks, utility models and inventions – in cooperation with patent attorney firms in Warsaw

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