I invite you to familiarize yourself with the basic scope of our training activities.

Training for companies


At the client’s request we provide training for company employees and managers, including the following issues:

  • the essence of the employment relationship, differences between the employment contract and civil-law contracts (contract of mandate, specific work contract)
  • terminating the employment relationship with and without notice (cause, procedure, timeframes)
  • non-compete duty during the employment relationship and after its termination
  • protecting the employee’s privacy (GDPR in the employment relationship, processing the personal data of an employee and a job candidate, monitoring the workplace and electronic mail, searches, dress-code, employee image, biometric data)
  • unequal treatment, discrimination, harassment, mobbing – description, consequences, employer’s liability and methods of prevention
  • liability of the managing staff for the company’s debt
  • liability of the managing staff for damage done to the company
  • commercial contracts – types, methods of conclusion, basic elements, liability for breach of contract
  • other issues, as agreed on an individual basis

Training is of a practical nature, illustrated with examples of actual events forming the basis for Supreme Court decisions. It is conducted in an interactive manner, engaging the participants, in particular by having them solve cases presented by the instructor.

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